Complete Your Beautiful Smile with Zygoma Dental Implants

Patients in Holt, Michigan, who need tooth replacement solutions will want to work with an advanced dental implant surgeon who can evaluate them and decide if they are a good fit for these reliable, long-lasting restorations. Dental implants continued to be the gold standard in tooth replacement due to the high success rate of these restorations. Patients with specific issues, such as reduced bone in the upper jaw, may find that a certain type of implant, known as a zygoma implant, is an effective way to replace missing teeth with implants in situations that are not appropriate for more traditional types.

What are zygoma implants?

Dr. Edward Liu describes the zygoma implant as an advanced type of implant designed to accommodate situations in which there is not enough bone in the upper jaw for more traditional dental implants. These implants are much longer and typically anchor onto the cheekbone instead of the jawbone. This effectively provides a more stable foundation for tooth replacement using a bridge, denture, or dental crown.

How do zygoma implants compare to traditional dental implants?

Zygoma implants offer several advantages over traditional dental implants. Due to their longer length and placement in the cheekbone, they are able to provide a secure anchor for tooth replacement even when there is minimal bone in the upper jaw. This eliminates the need for additional procedures, such as bone grafting, which are often time-consuming and costly. Zygoma implants also have a high success rate comparable to traditional dental implants. Additionally, patients with reduced bone in their upper jaw may find that zygoma implants offer a comfortable and natural fit.

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Zygoma Implants

Zygoma implants treatment - 01

Zaga Classification

Zaga classification


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Technique and Instruments of Zygomatic Implant (Extra-alveolar Implant)

(Top Zygo replaces the front tooth, and bottom Zygo replaces the molar tooth. Always leave top Zygo untouched for future work if there is any Anterior bone. Use Anterior Implants such as TransNasal in replace of top Zygo.)

Technique and instruments of zygomatic implant.


The following content contains graphic images of blood. Viewer discretion is advised.

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Clinical Case 01

(Quad Zygo / 2 Pterygoid / 1 Anterior)

Zygoma implants treatment - 03 (a)
Zygoma implants treatment - 03 (b)

Clinical Case 02

(2 Pterygoid / 4 Zygo / 1 Anterior)

Zygoma implants treatment - 02