What are the solutions for managing TMJ/TMD pain?

When we think about conditions that impact our oral health, periodontal disease and decay often come to mind. However, our smiles are extremely complex, and there are a wide range of common issues that can affect them. Knowing what to look for and when to contact your dentist for care is critical to getting an early diagnosis and intervention with appropriate treatment. The same goes for conditions such as temporomandibular joint disorder, sometimes referred to by the acronyms TMJ/TMD. Dr. Edward Liu of Holt, Michigan, is a dentist who can provide a proper diagnosis of TMJ/TMD and discuss appropriate treatment options.

What is TMJ/TMD?

TMJ is the acronym for temporomandibular joint disorder and is sometimes referred to as TMD. This condition impacts the smile in various ways. It can cause patients to experience a wide range of symptoms that require the attention of a dental professional, including:

  • Clicking or popping of the jaw joint
  • Unexpected locking of the joint in either the open or closed position
  • Radiating pain and discomfort through the jaw, ears, and shoulders
  • Poor bite alignment and function

If you experience these issues, you may be dealing with TMJ/TMD and need a proper diagnosis to seek appropriate treatment.

How is TMJ/TMD treated?

At Dr. Edward Liu Sedation and Implant Dentistry, our team focuses on bioesthetics dentistry, a special treatment modality that provides treatment for TMJ/TMD and other coexisting conditions, including bruxism (clenching and grinding). This type of dental treatment focuses on the functionality and appearance of the smile. It may include the use of oral appliances and splints to maintain proper alignment and alleviate common TMJ/TMD symptoms.

Have you been diagnosed with TMJ/TMD?

Do you believe you struggle with this condition and need treatment that fits your needs? Dr. Edward Liu and his team at Dr. Edward Liu Sedation and Implant Dentistry in Holt, MI, can assist with bioesthetic dentistry. Call (517) 699-2985 to request an appointment at the office, conveniently located at 2123 N Aurelius Road. Our practice serves those in the surrounding cities of Grand Rapids, Howell, Eaton Rapids, Okemos, and the Greater Lancing area of Michigan.