What is bioesthetics dentistry?

At Dr. Edward Liu Sedation and Implant Dentistry of Holt, Michigan, Dr. Liu and his team work alongside patients to diagnose and treat oral health concerns. One area of focus for him is that of bioesthetic dentistry. Bioesthetics dentistry is often used in patients with problems such as misaligned bites or temporomandibular joint disorder. Let’s go over this field of dentistry and discuss how it works to alleviate common dental concerns.

What is bioesthetics dentistry?

Bioesthetic dentistry is one treatment modality developed by the OBI Foundation for Bioesthetic Dentistry and is the focus of our dental team in the diagnosis and treatment of bite imbalances and coexisting dental issues. This foundation helps patients with a wide range of concerns due to unwanted tooth wear caused by bite imbalance and specific dental conditions, including temporomandibular joint disorder. With temporomandibular joint disorder or TMJ/TMD, patients have poor bite harmony, clenching and grinding, and popping and locking of the temporomandibular joint, which hinges on the upper and lower jaw. When problematic, it can cause damage to the smile, result in poor alignment and function, and become a serious concern for patients. This is where bioesthetics comes in.

Bioesthetics dentistry is focused on the systemic, physiological, and biologic advantages of treating conditions such as TMJ/TMD with the help of a dentist who is well-versed and skilled in this treatment option. Our team can educate you on how we approach the treatment of these conditions to alleviate a host of issues often associated with a dysfunctional temporomandibular joint. This may include wearing a splint or using an oral appliance to correct jaw alignment and protect the bite.

Ready to find out more about how bioesthetics dentistry works?

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