Enjoy your visit to the dental office with IV sedation dentistry.

At the office of Dr. Edward Liu in Holt, Michigan, local patients, both new and current, can have their dental procedures done with sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry is best described as using a sedative to ensure patients are comfortable during their dental appointments. Whether you have minor anxiety before dental cleanings and examinations or are struggling with making it to an appointment for extensive work due to your dental phobia, our team can assist! We are pleased to offer sedation dentistry in the form of IV sedation for those with mild to severe anxiety about spending time in the dentist’s chair!

Which types of sedation dentistry are available with Dr. Edward Liu?

Dr. Liu finds that IV sedation is the most effective way to keep patients calm and relaxed during their visit. IV sedation involves administering the sedative directly into the bloodstream for fast and efficient results. This method also allows us to adjust the level of sedation depending on how at ease you are during your procedure. We understand that dental procedures can be uncomfortable, even with a local anesthetic. Therefore, IV sedation dentistry may be just the right option for those who need a bit more to keep them calm. It allows everyone to have a positive experience at the dental office, ensuring return visits and improved oral health and wellness!

Is IV sedation safe?

Our team of professionals closely monitors IV sedation for safety and effectiveness throughout the entire process. We will provide a thorough evaluation beforehand, including a physical assessment and a rundown of your medical history, to ensure you are a good candidate for IV sedation before starting. Dr. Liu is IV sedation certified.

Are you interested in learning more about sedation dentistry?

If you reside in or around Holt, MI, and want to speak to Dr. Edward Liu and his team about your options for sedation, connect with our team of professionals to schedule a consultation visit at our office, conveniently located at 2123 Aurelius Road. Our front office team can be reached by calling (517) 777-8878 and is open to new and current patients of the cities of Lancing, Okemos, Eaton Rapids, Howell, and Grand Rapids, Michigan.